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Medical / Dental

Richards Micro-Tool appreciates business opportunities and is ready to commit to select Medical and Dental Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) who truly understand and desire cultivating a long-term relationship. Richards’ goal is to provide quality solutions that are the best option for you and your customer.

Richards’ success depends on your company’s success and vice versa. With this in mind, three levels of flexibility are offered:

  • Manufacture directly to your existing print utilizing the latest methods and equipment.
  • Review your design for manufacturability and work in conjunction with your engineering staff to refine new devices. Richards’ exclusive DesignAssist team knows cutting geometries and how to define and produce them, so they appreciate customers who are receptive to input. Please use the DesignAssist Worksheet.
  • Develop novel solutions like MediDrill and MediMill. An expanding line of Rotary Instruments that are as close as you can get to “off the shelf” and still retain your brand identity.


Commonwealth Tool Specialty, Inc.

Richards provides a high level of service to their customers. Their sales people take an interest in providing immediate responses to your requests and even review order quantities to make sure your stocking requirements are correct. It is a pleasure doing business with them.
John Addington
Vice President, Sales


Commonwealth Tool Specialty, Inc. is a distributor of special and standard cutting tools, adapters, abrasives, and engineered products covering Virginia, North and South Carolina and Tennessee to Chattanooga. Commonwealth distributes small diameter endmills and countersinks produced by Richards Micro-Tool that are used in the medical industry.

Commonwealth attributes Richards’ success in this arena to the highly polished finishes on their products, making them ideal for machining the materials used in producing medical parts. Since burrs on the finished part are not allowed, eliminating them in the machining process by using quality cutting tools eliminates costly secondary deburring operations. This saves the end user money in the manufacture of the finished part.

Richards Micro-Tool not only produces standard cutting tools but also makes special diameters to tight tolerances that other manufactures shy away from. This, coupled with an excellent delivery history and a willingness to work with their customer on providing safety stocks, gives Richards Micro-Tool an advantage over large manufacturers.

Since 1961, Richards Micro-Tool has earned a reputation as the Precision Performance company. We offer more than the conventional standard products. Our goal is to provide value with engineered solutions for your cutting tool applications.